assorted illustrations

March stencil, Isaac Paris' Design Procedures class, 2k11.

October stencil, Isaac Paris' Design Procedures, 2k11

Basement Games, Acrylic and gouache, Andrew Degraff's Methods and Media, 2k10. "Create a triptych based on the word recreation"

To Be Held (pages 2 and 3 out of 7), Static Fish submission, ink, 2k10.

Norwell Nature Conservation (pages 1,2, and 3 out of 5), first done with brushpen, scanned onto a computer and colored in Photoshop, Jim Hoston's Illustration 2, Static Fish submission, 2k11. "Create a 1-2 page comic, fully colored."

Watercolor, gouache, black spraypaint, ink, Andrew Degraff's Methods and Media, 2k10

The season's hottest trends according to TeenVogue, Acrylic, spraypaint, gouache, ink, Jim Hoston's Illustration 1, 2k10. "Pick an article out of a magazine and illustrate it."

Assorted classes, and the anthology Static Fish.

All of these illustrations were assignments in my classes that I enjoyed the outcome of. Some are children’s book, some are sequential, some are experimental.

Illustration, sequential art, children’s book, editorial.